5 Tips for Planning your New Construction or Renovation Project

“The sooner you start your home renovation or new construction project, the sooner you’ll be done.” You’ve probably heard that statement. Unfortunately, that’s not how thing work since you one has to do some essential planning upfront. Construction projects are expensive and it can be challenging to stay on schedule and within budget. 

Keep in mind that the process of building a new home or facility for your business starts long before the materials are supplied and foundation is poured. Proper planning will help you avoid costly mistakes during the construction process. Here are important tips to guide you when planning your renovation or new construction project. 

Plan your Budget

Resources are in limited supply which is why you must consider the budget from the moment you start thinking about renovating your home or building a new home. Be realistic and look at how much money you can afford to invest in the project. Budgeting helps you to strike a balance between what you can afford and what you want. Of course, you may need to consider a mortgage or construction loan. Don’t be in a hurry to sign a construction contract with a general contractor before taking as much time as possible to thoroughly research and plan your budget. 

Choose a Design Professional

An architect or professional designer can help you come up with a comprehensive plan of the scope of work and specifics of your project. You may have to combine this phase with the budgeting since the detailed plans and drawings from your architect or interior designer will help you know what’s required of you. You must communicate your budget clearly to the company you hire, though. 

Create a Plan

Whether you use stock plans from an online source or a printed catalogue, it’s important that you work with an architect, professional designer, or any other building professional so you can choose the stock plan that best suits your needs. You can hire a licensed architect to create a custom-designed home, as well. Your goal should be to have the best plan possible that will meet your needs for years. 

Interview Contractors

You now have a home design, building site, and project budget at hand. It’s time to find an experienced general contractor to coordinate all the aspects of your construction project. It’s best to bring a contractor into the process once you have the final schematic home design ready. With the information from the detailed plans and drawings, the contractors can provide you with preliminary estimates of cost. Once you’ve received bids and estimates from several contractors, consider visiting jobsites, calling references, checking reviews, and conducting additional research before selecting the right contractor who can realize your home ownership dream.

Negotiate a Contract

With the materials selections made, right contractor hired, and detailed plan submitted for permits, the next important thing to do is getting written, signed contractors for every professional and contractor involved in your project. The contract should describe the scope of the project with detailed specifications. Everything has to be clearly listed. Make sure the contract is amended in the event either of you makes changes to the construction project.